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Lunt – Broken words and lost answers Flac Mp3

Album romantique, torturé par de noirs délices, habité par des titres étranges et paradoxaux, Broken words and lost answers tente d’incarner l’abandon du langage courant pour permettre à la musique et au son de pleinement s’exprimer. Composé essentiellement de drones, de filtrages et d’entrecroisements mélodiques, cette première sortie d’Hitomi recordings est un des albums les plus réussis de son auteur.

Splendid e-zine review by Mike Baker :

Gilles Deles is an electro-acoustic sound composer and a producer (check out Melatonine) who keeps himself busy by performing under the Lunt moniker. His modus operandi is quite simple: basic electric guitar improv, subtle production flourishes and patience. Lunt goes nowhere, slowly, and without much regard for melodic, rhythmic or thematic drive. And since there isn’t much in the way of melody, listeners approaching Broken Words and Lost Answers looking for an intensely captivating element will certainly be disappointed. But for those willing and able to lose themselves in the ambient din of effected guitars and improvised performance, Lunt has much to offer. An icy distance separates listeners from the core of these emotive pieces, and the ensuing negotiation holds as much interest as the sounds themselves. While it doesn’t immediately smack of the emoti-intellectual approach favored by Steffen Basho-Junghans, and doesn’t feature Henry Kaiser-esque digital complexities, Broken Words and Lost Answers should capture the imagination of the like-minded.

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