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an untitled end, eventually.

An archive is never completely closed for additional content but we don’t have anything to add to this experience by ourselves.We simply hope that the Tremens Archives can be a part of musical patrimony and they will remain available on all the streaming platforms, on bandcamp and this website as well. An archive can only [...]

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TA 08 follows its road

Water belongs to the night is available at squidco for american people !
I will be interviewed by Aude Lavigne in Les carnets de la création broadcasted on december the 1st !
Review by Denis Zorgniotti on this web page :
Review by Guillermo Escudero on Loop and on Only good music.

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First reviews about TA 08

Order the cd and dl on Bandcamp.
An enthusiastic review on Babysue :

We’ve heard lots of artists venturing into atmospheric territory over the years. Gilles is without a doubt one of the best. His music is strange but never unlistenable. The songs are unique but they never regress into a mindless drone. And the compositions [...]

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Frist release on CD TA 08 Lunt Water belongs to the night

Our first release on CD ! Pre-order and listen  on Bandcamp.

Songwriter and sound engineeer, Gilles Deles is the co-founder of We are unique, a french label based in the south of France.
Water belongs to the night is the «  dark side  » of his musical work. After Broken words and lost answers, Fragments of free, [...]

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TA 06 Frz . Imagho Selected works released

Downloads Mp3 –  Wave
Since the beginning, Frz and Imagho collaboration has been totally dedicated to free improvisation. Nothing is planned, no strategy, no discussion before we begin. Our music is rising on its own, each one of us trying to follow, anticipate the other.The Nabas series render the unmodified matter  usually heard only by the [...]

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the definitions, the day F.

Alors que Angil et les Hidden tracks s’apprêtent à mixer le très prometteur now, les Tremens archives vous proposent cette sortie très particulière, à l’énergie sauvage et sans concession.
TA03 s’intitule tell me how it begins. Signalons aussi la participation de Gilles Deles à l’excellent webzine l’Oreille absolue.
Bonne écoute à tous.
While Angil and the Hidden [...]

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