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an untitled end, eventually.

An archive is never completely closed for additional content but we don’t have anything to add to this experience by ourselves.We simply hope that the Tremens Archives can be a part of musical patrimony and they will remain available on all the streaming platforms, on bandcamp and this website as well. An archive can only be built with listeners and future is made of unborn forthcoming ones. We will all vanish eventually but music can remain.

Thank you for listening to us during these years.

TA 08 follows its road

Water belongs to the night is available at squidco for american people !

I will be interviewed by Aude Lavigne in Les carnets de la création broadcasted on december the 1st !

Review by Denis Zorgniotti on this web page :

Review by Guillermo Escudero on Loop and on Only good music.

First reviews about TA 08

Order the cd and dl on Bandcamp.

An enthusiastic review on Babysue :

We’ve heard lots of artists venturing into atmospheric territory over the years. Gilles is without a doubt one of the best. His music is strange but never unlistenable. The songs are unique but they never regress into a mindless drone. And the compositions are inventive without sounding pretentious. Beautifully crafted cuts include « No Matter Where We Drown, » « Lift Your Hands Into the Light, » and « I Was Born in an Ocean of Sound. » Totally cool and dreamy stuff. Top pick.

Vital Weekly #934, Review By Franz de Waard

One could say Lunt explores a wider variety of approaches here, from the very ambient to the very noisy, from the sustaining to the more chaotic, chopped up style. That makes it perhaps less easier to pin down and maybe hardcore ambient/drone heads would tread carefully, but I think it’s quite a gain to expand on the notion of ambient and look for other possible treatments of the guitar in particular and the genre of drone/ambient music in general. Great release! (FdW)

Shrunken Planet on WFMU . La nuit des sauriens, and Bebop generation by Philippe Petit.

Frist release on CD TA 08 Lunt Water belongs to the night

Our first release on CD ! Pre-order and listen  on Bandcamp.

Songwriter and sound engineeer, Gilles Deles is the co-founder of We are unique, a french label based in the south of France.
Water belongs to the night is the «  dark side  » of his musical work. After Broken words and lost answers, Fragments of free, it’s his most achieved album based on loops, drones, glitches, all done with electric guitar, without laptop, through the scope of improvisation.
The atmosphere sometimes reminds one of Fred Frith, Lee Ranaldo solo instrumental works, or the refinement of Rafael Toral first period (Wave Field, Violence of discovery calm of acceptance).
The aim of this project is also to share the work of the Tremens archives iniated 3 years ago. Informations about this musical subdivision can be found in the inside booklet, and on the website. We’ve carefully explained our ethic about what is usually called experimental music
on our website . A this point, we prefer to let music and sound speak to you.

Eud #1

This is the first attempt but not a draft. The first time Thomas Boudineau and Gilles Deles played  spontaneously together. Smooth trombone layers meet strident guitar feedbacks. Urban music, deep diving into dream-telling, rusty metallic fields are some of this record’s ingredients. The first to be created the last to be released.

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TA 06 Frz . Imagho Selected works released

Downloads Mp3 –  Wave

Since the beginning, Frz and Imagho collaboration has been totally dedicated to free improvisation. Nothing is planned, no strategy, no discussion before we begin. Our music is rising on its own, each one of us trying to follow, anticipate the other.The Nabas series render the unmodified matter  usually heard only by the musician :  the music as it is happening. Each improvisation is uncut, from the beginning to the end  with its hesitations, red herrings, mistakes, and magic moments. No sound has been added, not a single note has been removed. According to the basics of our collaboration, every sound comes from an electric guitar, and is treated in real-time. No sound used has been recorded before the improvisation, and no other sound generator has been used. Frz-Imagho contains this mixture of punk boldness and atmospheric subtlety which both form these special containers. These selected works show great variations inside the different sound scapes of the duo : glitches, drones, sound artifacts find their way from guitars to computer, in an idiosyncratic language.

TA 05 Frz.Imagho

We’re very proud to release this album from the unclassifiable duo Frz.Imagho. Music based on laptop and total improvisation. This release introduce the band before a forthcoming album more representative of their work.

All informations here.

All our albums are available in free download. You can find them on bandcamp too.
Enjoy !


We’re very glad to announce the release of Jean-Daniel Bécache first album : « tableaux échappés de la toîle »

But our sale policy is changing. You can now download our albums on bandcamp for a price that you set. It’s free to buy more than 0€ if you want. Initially i wanted to gather enough money to release a CD compilation before the end of 2012, but even this seems to be unrealistic. Album can also be listened using streaming. Next release will be a collaboration between Frz and Imagho.
Enjoy !

Sound engineer and film maker, J.D Bécache has been creating cinematic soundscapes for many years, which resemble original soundtracks from virtual movies and constitute just as many paintings independent from their original canvases. This first album mixes popular sound’s hints and samples (kinds of literary quotes), field-recordings, sound crafts, all of which are interwoven in the outstanding alchemy of Travels and Haikus. Here, malicious irony competes with lyric melancholy; and the biographic content reminds one of Dominique Petitgand’s work. At the midst of journeys filled with daring contrasting sounds, J.D.B is careful to preserve for his listeners a sort of coziness granting fluency to his auditory drifts.

Ingénieur du son et cinéaste, Jean-Daniel Bécache s’exerce depuis de nombreuses années à créer des cinématiques sonores, sortes de bandes originales de films virtuels, qui sont autant de tableaux en autonomie vis à vis de leur toile d’origine. On trouve dans ce premier album un mélange d’emprunts à des références sonores populaires, citations à l’appui, (les emprunts seront remboursés…), de field-recordings, de bricolages qui s’imbriquent dans la surprenante alchimie de ces Voyages et Haikus. L’ironie malicieuse le dispute à la mélancolie lyrique, et la dimension biographique n’est pas sans rappeler le travail d’un Dominique Petitgand. JDB ménage néanmoins pour son auditeur, au sein de parcours tissés de contrepieds flagrants, une forme de confort donnant fluidité à ses dérives auditives.

Réédition d’Hitomi Recordings

Il était une fois Hitomi Recordings, subdivision expérimentale de Unique Records iconographiée avec une tendresse certaine par cette petite fille apeurée. Cela ne vous rappelle rien ? Les noms de domaine s’épuisant plus vite que les réseaux sociaux, the tremens archives gardent la marque de cette expérience trop tot arrêtée. A l’époque nombre de labels se sont risqués au CD-R, et aux pochettes faits mains, pour conserver un semblant de chaleur alors que tout laissait présager l’hégémonie future du net comme moyen de distribution. Il fallait un temps considérable pour élaborer l’agencement de cartes noires de la photo panoramique (déjà Lionel Maraval, exception faite de Baka !) et des calques, puis graver le Cd-r noir, pièce par pièce. L’industrie a continué à presser par centaines ou milliers d’exemplaires. Il n’en reste pas moins que nous sommes encore contraints par cette période, comme si les labels sérieux étaient ceux qui pouvaient encore sortir des CDS. L’essentiel est-il vraiment là, dans les formats ? Nous vous proposons cette réédition numérique sortie des archives avec le concours indispensable de J.L Prades comme documentaliste consciencieux. Hitomi Recordings avait donné leur place à trois albums, que nous mettons à nouveau en téléchargement :

  • HR 01 Lunt – Broken words and lost answers Flac Mp3
  • HR 02 Baka ! – Ephemère Flac Mp3
  • HR 03 Imagho – Someone controls electric guitar Flac Mp3

Once upon a time was an experimental subdivision of We are unique Records called Hitomi Recordings, pictured by this little frightened girl with a certain affection. Does it remind you of anything? Domain names running out faster than social networks, the tremens archives keep this brand experience stopped too soon. At the time, many labels have ventured to CD-R, and handmade bags, to maintain a semblance of warmth when all foreshadowed the future hegemony of the net as a way for music distribution. It took a considerable time to develop the layout of black cards in the panoramic photo (already Lionel Maraval, except Baka!) and layers,  then burn the black CD-R , piece by piece. The industry continued to press in the hundreds or thousands of copies. The fact remains that we are still constrained by this time, as if the labels seriously were those who could still release  CDS. Is it what really matters ?  We offer this digital reissue of these  records with the indispensable assistance of JLPrades as conscientious archive keeper. Hitomi Recordings had given up their three albums, which we again for download:

  • HR 01 Lunt – Broken words and lost answers Flac Mp3
  • HR 02 Baka ! – Ephemère Flac Mp3
  • HR 03 Imagho – Someone controls electric guitar Flac Mp3

the definitions, the day F.

Alors que Angil et les Hidden tracks s’apprêtent à mixer le très prometteur now, les Tremens archives vous proposent cette sortie très particulière, à l’énergie sauvage et sans concession.

TA03 s’intitule tell me how it begins. Signalons aussi la participation de Gilles Deles à l’excellent webzine l’Oreille absolue.
Bonne écoute à tous.

While Angil and the Hidden tracks will mix soon the very promising Now, the  tremens archives release this strange album full of  wild energy.

TA03 is called tell me how it begins. Note also the participation of Gilles Deles to the excellent webzine l’Oreille absolue.
Happy listening to all.